1. Hi! Iam interested about absorbing shields working. Eg. priests powerword shield, divine aegis, paladins sacred shield, or the Valanyr bubble, ice barrier, mana shield,fire/frost wards ...and any other shields. Are there any prio within shields? I mean if the target got 2 or more shields how the Blizz engine calculates that the current incoming damage goes to which shield? Eg. a tank got a PowerwordShield, SacredShield, and Protection of Ancient Kings(Valanyr bubble) on him (all with full remaining absorb effect.) Lets say the PwS got 5k absorb, SS proced and got 3k absorb, and the legendary shield holds back 6k. And after it he gets 8k damage. Which shield(s) will fade (or absorb)? Any experiment?

    Some mechanics i would use : fix prio within shield types,FIFO/LIFO,sort by the remaining time or amount, or split damage within the shields. Sorry for the bad english. Thanks.

    Your English is fine, but I'm not sure I understand what your question is, or if there even is one. I don't have any details of the way shields work, and we definitely don't have any API access to which shield absorbs a given type of attack. Any information about that would have to be obtained experimentally. It really doesn't have anything to do with the user interface, unfortunately.

    Thanks for the reply. Well..i know there are no APIs to find out which shield will absorb. But i thought maybe somebody did some experiment to find out how the blizz engine works... Maybe i will try to do some tests..

    Your best bet is to check one of the WoW fansites, like http://elitistjerks.com or http://tankspot.com. They may be able to tell you how the precedence works. It's not likely anyone here (which is focused on UI) would have done anything like that. Best of luck!

    I will check it, thanks. Btw iam try to do a simply addon that calculates the remaining/current absorb effect of the target shields. I can watch for the casting and predict the initial absorb amounts, but cause no API to get the remaining absorb effect on each shield im try to find out the blizz's way. Thanks.