1. Heya,

    I am very new at the lua progamming scene, so please do forgive me if this is a very simple question :)

    I am trying to write a very simple addon that tells me what spellpower I have when I cast a spell (eg. when casting Earth Shield, I want to know at what level of SpellHealing i cast it at so I know whether to refresh it to higher values). I can make it show quite easily the spellpower when i cast any spell but I'm struggling to make it work for a specific spell.

    Currently my code is:

    function SpellCast(self, arg2)

    local arg2;
    if(event == "UNIT_SPELLCAST_SUCCEEDED" and arg2 == "Earth Shield") then 
        local AtCastSP,label;
        AtCastSP = GetSpellBonusDamage(6);
        label = getglobal("Spellpower".."CountLabel".."Label");


    I know that arg2 is the name of the spell but for some reason when I add in the second part of the if clause it stop registering any spell - any tips/ideas?

    Thanks :)

    Never mind - took a short break and figured it out :P

    Mind sharing what you figured out? It might help other people if they have the same issue!