1. I've written a little add-on to move some stuff around on screen. It works when I call its main routine through a keybinding or an event such as ACTIONBAR_PAGE_CHANGED.

    But, when the same routine is called automatically during start-up (using the ADDON_LOADED trigger) only some of the changes take effect. Is there some other "ui is done loading" event that I can also trigger off of? It is lame to have to always hit my keybinding every time I start WoW to get my addon to fully engage.

    (whenever the UI is loaded, so at logon as well as hearthstone / boats / etc, the lowerer left action bar (MultiBarBottomLeft) has its position reset to default. If I trigger my routine again, I can get it back where I want it, but I can't figure out how to automatically correct that)

    The game isn't fully loaded at ADDON_LOADED. All that event signifies is that a specific addon has finished loading. Your best bet is to wait for PLAYER_LOGIN, or start an OnUpdate timer and run your code after a small amount of time.

    I think I'm going to try using OnUpdate and coding a little timer.

    I already had a PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD trigger, which fires later than the LOGIN one, that wasn't "late" enough.

    PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD also fires anytime the player zones, so you definitely don't want that.