1. Hi All,

    I am just getting started on addon development. I have not ordered the book yet, but I am hoping to pick it up soon.

    Basically, what I am interested in learning is if the addon I want to make is possible, and/or particularly difficult.

    I would like an addon that does a decent job of tracking my existing auctions so that at most anytime I can see what is up, what has sold, etc. I already realize that much of this data can only be updated or accumulated while the standard auction frame is open. However, I had an auction addon once that tracked all of my auctions and they would be listed for me with price, etc. This was the nice part: I believe that it was checking either mail or the chatframe for the "A buyer has been found for your auction of ..." and it was updating this particular addon upon those events happening and therefore tracking sold/expired items even when I wasn't at the auction houses.

    Any thoughts on this type of addon would be appreciated.



    Sure, you'd want to do just what you're saying... check mail and track messages to see what's been sold and what hasn't.. but the only way to get up to date auction information is to go to the auction house.

    Hope that helps!