1. Is it a relatively easy thing to add a new tab to the auction UI? If so, can someone provide a quick sample or description of how it is done?



    No, it's not really something trivial.. especially when you consider that another addon might wish to do the same thing. You'd have to be very careful about doing it in a way that didn't conflict with another addon. What are you looking to add, maybe there's a better way to go about it?

    Here is what I am hoping to do:

    I want to create a list of items to watch on the auction house based upon the recipies that I would like to craft; this way I can easily identify how much it would cost to make a given item and determine whether or not I could sell it for a profit.

    Do i need to attach such a thing to the auction house UI? or can i just have it in its own independent frame when the auction house UI opens?

    What are your thoughts?


    You could certainly do it either way, but a tab might make sense. You should look at the AuctionHouse to see how the current tabs are implemented and then figure out how best yours should be implemented. It shouldn't be terribly difficult and for a first approximation, the conflicts with other addons can be ignored.