1. I'm actually writing a program in c# so when a user is tabbed out of WoW the program will search a txt file for a change in bytes and if so, then read what was added, display it on the programs form and play a sound. Useful if your arena partner with no mic goes afk for a minute and you want to search the web but doesn't want to tab back and forth to check if they are back.

    My problem is, I don't know the first thing about creating WoW addons and was wondering if someone would be so kind and write me a script that will record the players name and the message to a .txt file when a private message is received.

    Was thinking... is there a way to send a reply via addon also? I really don't want to dig into wows memory because of TOS reasons so an addon working in conjunction with my program would be nice.

    What you want can't really be accomplished. The only time data is written out from World of Warcraft is when you reload the user interface or log out of the client. This is an explicit limitation of the WoW client.