1. First off, I want to say what an awesome book this is.   I'm truly having a bunch of fun working through all the examples.   However, I am getting frustrated while doing the targettext example.   I seem to be making a bunch of really lame typo mistakes (like OR instead of or, UNitReaction instead of UnitReaction, or calling it TargetText.lau instead of TargetText.lua!  that was a good one, took me a good hour to figure that one out).

    When I log in to test the targettext box, obviously it doesn't work like it should, but finding the errors seems to be quite the chore.   Is there any easy way to find out where my typo errors would be when the addon trys to load the data?   I've tried to read line by line through the code and after a few minutes it really gets hard to try and spot such minor errors.   I've been using excel and copying and pasting my code and comparing it to the code from the download and that has been working ok but it's still very time consuming. 

    Any tips/tricks on how to find my errors easier?

    Part of the problem is that WoW's built in error system isn't enabled by default. If you haven't enabled it already, you'll want to go into your interface options under the Help category, and check off Display Lua Errors.

    Now whenever an error occurs in Lua code, you'll get a message box telling you the exact line number of your files where the error occured. I believe there's a section in one of the early chapters that helps explain how to interpret Lua errors.

    The default UI's error frame only displays one error at a time though (either the first or last to occur... can't remember which). You may want to look into an error addon like ImprovedErrorFrame or BugSack+BugGrabber. These give you a lot more information on each error and also store multiples so you can see everything that's going on.

    great!  thanks for the tips!!