1. I wanted to write some code to deal with LFG behavior, in particular I want to use GetLFGTypeEntries() which supposedly lets you get the names of the various quests/raids/etc that you can join in LFG. I found it always returned null when I passed in an integer. There are more notes on it here: http://www.wowwiki.com/API_GetLFGTypeEntries

    Does anyone know an alternative way to get the names of the options in LFG? Any speculation as to why Blizzard would disable this API? (I wonder if its something they might fix, or if its something they intentionally disabled)

    If anyone has any other ideas on how to get this information, let me knowing. Basically I want to be able to map the ints returned by GetLookingForGroup() to the names (string).

    The function is fully documented on this website here. As indicated in the documentation it does take an integer value, which is the index of an entry from GetLFGTypes(). This works precisely as expected:

     /run print(GetLFGTypes())
     None, Dungeon, Raid, Quest (Group), Zone, Heroic Dungeon
     /run print(GetLFGTypeEntries(4)
     Icecrown, , The Storm Peaks, , Wintergrasp

    This matched the documentation here precisely. It also works for any of the other indices, returning nil properly for 1 (which is the None category).