1. I am trying to use a button to display a Combat stat table. When I left click the button on load the table pops up and Says "Stats are not yet loaded, click on Enemy to display" and the health and level label are cleared for viewing. When I click on an enemy target the health and level label appear as well as all stats prior to combat(ex. health, level, name for each player, pet, target and the "Stats.." text disappears. When I right click the table it disappears leaving a button. Which is what I want. But When I click on the separate button again to pull up the stats, the table appears and so does the "Stats are not yet loaded.." So, I have major overlapping. I realize once I click the table the events are unregistered and I loose the TargetName variable. So, any suggestions? Here is part of the code. Do I need to show more? Thank you. I know it's a bit rough, I'm new.

    My Lua File

    My XML File




    Yeah I can't really see what's meant to even be going on here. Could you take a few screenshots and then post them here along with the code (which you can put at http://pastey.net, it makes it a bit easier.)

    Here you go. Updated Post. Thanks.

    Not everything is here. Specifically the font string that displays "Not yet available".. blah blah.. is not shown here. I can't do much without all of the information. Really it seems like all you have to do is hide that font string (or change it) whenever you hide the frame from the external source.. but again it's hard to say.

    I apologize. I posted the version before I added the NoStatFrame. I double verified so that I didn't make that mistake again. Just trying to get the hang of events, variables, form, aquire a better understanding and get used to this forum. Still developing it and my knowledge as well. I appreciate you taking time to help. I made sure I posted the correct version this time. In the XML file the frame starts at Line 222 and the fontstring in question is line 231. In the lua file the function call to that string starts at line 368. When the CombatLiveDisplayFrame button on the UI is clicked the Combat 'Live' frame is displayed and determines if the CombatLiveNoStat info frame should be displayed. My problem is to figure out how to disregard the NoStat info once I have acquired stats. Thanks again.

    Well, the weird thing that I see is that you're setting TargetName to "" when there is no target. I can't really think of any reason doing that would be necessary.

    The actual problem is in the XML. You call CombatLive:ShowLive() on line 218, without passing in the target's name. As a result, it detects that there is no target and shows your "no target" frame. You'll need to change that logic to make it work correctly.