1. Hi,

    I'm working on my first addon and I'm hit a wall. I am working on an addon that will be performing some calculations based on the distance traveled by the player's character. You can get an idea of what I am working on at my website http://5h0cktr00px0rz.org and specifically at http://5h0cktr00px0rz.org/?q=node/89.

    My current problem is related to determining what my OnEvent action will be. Ideally I wanted it to be related to when the player character starts and stops moving but this is not available as an event. I've been trying to discover what I could use in place of such an event or if there is a way to run the addon continuously.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Thank you, -z

    sorry, i forgot to log in. this is my username if it matters.

    You would need to use OnUpdate to check the player's position periodically and continuously. There's no indication that the player stopped or started moving.

    Thank you for the tip. I gave it a go with some modest success...


    Now I just have to do some weeding!

    Thanks again. :)


    I just thought I would drop a note to say that I have finally finished this AddOn, my first, and to thank the author for providing his help and ultimately his book. Thanks!

    You can check out the final version of WoWPedometer on my website at http://5h0cktr00px0rz.org/?q=node/94



    Awesome! Glad to hear it!