1. I'm new to addons and trying to learn the techniques by fooling around with the book. I want my texture to be the edge of the entire screen and be able to auto adjust to different resolutions. How would I do that? I currently have a 1080p, 21.6" monitor and want the texture to work with user adjustments to monitor settings. If I do [RelDimension x="1.0" y="1.0"] the image is off the screen on top. Currently, it works as set but if I switch monitors I'll have to readjust. Help would be awesome. Here is the part I need help with. Thanks.

     <Frame name="CombatTrackerHealthFrame"  parent="UIParent" setTopLevel="false" hidden="true" frameStrata="BACKGROUND" enableMouse="false" setAllPoints="true">
         <RelDimension x="1.0" y="0.56"/>
         <Anchor point="CENTER"/>
         <Layer level="BACKGROUND" setAllPoints="true">
           <Texture name="$parentBloodBorder"
             setAllPoints="true" setBlendMode="ADD"/>
           <Color r="1" b="0" g="0" a="1"/>

    Two things.. first you don't need to change your XML code.. just highlight it in the editor and press the code button to turn it into code. I fixed the issue that was happening with the code button.

    Second, don't SIZE your frame, ANCHOR your frame.

     <Frame parent="UIParent">
         <Anchor point="TOPLEFT"/>
         <Anchor point="BOTTOMRIGHT"/>

    The texture will then always be the full size of the screen, regardless of what resolution or size the user has.

    Works great! Thanks!