1. I am trying to write a simple Auction House program, and everything works fine until I buy something for the first time. When I do that, I get the item in my mailbox, and the correct amount is taken from my cash, but I cannot buy anymore items.

    Program works a little like this: 1) Take a snapshot of whole auction house 2) Allow user to browse snapshot and select an item to purchase 3) Check that the item is still in the Auction House main file 4) If it is then purchase it, else display a 'too late' message 5) loop back to step 2)

    After I have made a sucessfull purchase, all future purchases report that the item is no longer available. The only reason for this I can think of is that after every purchase, the Auction House information is 'shunted-up' to fill the space left by the bought item. Can someone tell me if this is the case, or is the space left empty for the next auctioned item to be placed into?

    Thanks in advance

    Yes, the slots would change.

    Thanks for the reply - just a shame it makes things a lot harder.

    Well you can always just search for that specific item again, and make it work.

    Yes, that would work but I was hoping to solve the problem without hammering the AH too much. Looks like i'll have to though. Thanks for your time .