1. I keep getting damaged file with the downloads for the chapters, is there a particular program to open them with. Have been trying with winrar

    They're just zip files. Can you tell me which file specifically you are having an issue with?

    CHAP 12, 13, 14, 15, are ones I'm having trouble with.

    CHAP 25 & 26 I Cant even download just getting error: (Requested action does not match file content: nil)

    Loveing the book so far its been great had the book less than a week and can't put it down so far on chapter 13 :).

    I've just downloaded each of those files, and was able to unzip each of them and view the contents. You are going to the page and clicking the "Download this file" link? I can download the file http://wowprogramming.com/chapters/12/downloads/CombatTracker.download and unzip it without any issues. If you could provide more information about a single example, such as that file, that would help.

    Also I fixed the issues with Chapter 25 and 26.

    Just downloaded the file via link you posted winrar came up with error

    ! C:\Users\Tony\Downloads\CombatTracker.zip: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged

    Not sure what to tell you.. can you try another program (such as 7zip).

    yeh just done that seems like fault in winrar thanks for youre time and help

    I'll double-check all the files as well, it does seem a bit weird. Thanks!