1. Hi there iam beginning to make my new addon, and i get a bit confused my code look like this (helloWorldFrame)

     -- Author      : Naptor
     -- Create Date : 8/10/2009 6:42:18 PM
     function helloWorldFrame_OnLoad()
        frame:RegisterEvent ("PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED") ;
     function helloWorldFrame_OnEvent()
        if UnitExists then

    And now i cant find out what to do? :/

    Well you haven't told us what you want the addon to do, or what it's doing now that is confusing you. You'll need to provide some more information please!

    i have done it now, but when i put it in addons its dont show in addon (addon list)

    Then it likely wasn't put in the right place. Where did you place the files, what are they called and what do they contain?