1. When I follow the books directions and go to http://wowprogramming.com/addons/wowlua It says the node by this name does not exist. I can't even get started. What gives? Ok I found the link to the wowlua, downloaded it, added it to my addons, logged in and typed "/lua" as well as "/wowlua" neither worked. the exact message it gave me was "Type '/help' for a listing of a few commands" I logged out to make sure the WowLua addon was enabled and it was. Can anyone help? I hope i didn't waste $40 on an out of date book.

    The book is not out of date, and neither is the addon. Can you please provide some more information? The addon works for a large number of users quite well. Have you ensured that the addon is installed correctly? Enabled "Lua Errors" under the Interface Options so you can see any errors? Checked Logs/FrameXML.log for more information?

    I'm looking into a particular issue that I'm seeing. I'll post as soon as I have resolution!

    I have released a new version of the addon that fixes the issues you were experiencing. Hopefully that works for you!