1. If there is ever a 2nd edition, could you please dig a little deeper into describing the various "Toolbox controls"?

    With the relative size of the book, I guess I was a little dissapointed that there wasn't a more thorough description of what each of the "Object" / "Controls" did, and how they worked together.

    Generally the thing that makes an addon Great, is how it "looks", as most developers just cut/paste from some existing templates, so the addons with a unique GUI really stand-out.

    Anyway, enjoying the book so far!




    I'm not sure how prominent a role the WoW Addon Studio will play in the next book, to be compeltely honest.  It's a nice tool, but our chapter is meant purely as an introduction to the system and trying to cover extensive features like that would probably be outside the scope of what we're trying to do.  We don't teach the user to use libraries, or how to use project management sites but we give an introduction to all of them, so the user can look into it in depth.  That being said, I woudln't rule it out, thanks for the feedback.