1. The code changes listed in the Errata for Chapter 11, Page 198, appear to contain code from Chapter 12 i.e. "local nameFilter = BagBuddy.input:GetText():lower()" and "if BagBuddy.qualityFilter then shown = shown and BagBuddy.filters[quality]:GetChecked() end".

    As such I cannot get the code on page 198 to work even when I try and add the "local name, link, quality = GetItemInfo(link)" code to account for the GetContainerItemInfo bug. The addon will run and I get the frame rendered like chapter 10 but no items are showing up in the slots.

    It appears that the code in the 11-BagBuddy.zip file hasn't been updated to reflect the bugs and errata for chapter 11.

    Please let me know how I can fix it so I can get it to populate the item icons in the frame bag slots.


    P.S. Did someone upload a modified 11-BagBuddy.zip file and change the title to 'BagBuggy' on purpose or was it just an attempt at humor?

    Hrm.. I'll have to look into this. Thanks for the report.