1. I've downloaded the .zip file onto my iMac, and extracted it. According to the first addition, I simply double click the disk image, and copy the Lua interpreter onto my mac, preferably into the Applications folder. Well, I don't see the interpreter. I do see a installer (box with yellow cube inside), a Readme.rtf, World of Warcraft Programming link, and License.rtf, along with a Lua logo, and Lua 5.1.4 is packaged for http://wowprogramming.com. When I try to install Lua VIA the installer, it says it was installed correctly. However, I fail to see it anywhere on my mac. Even when using Spotlight, nothing was found. The 1st addition makes no mention about having to install the interpreter, at least for a mac. Am I doing something wrong? Is it incompatible? Or is the first addition simply too outdated?

    The first edition does not cover the updated version of the package. If you have run the installer, you should be able to open a Terminal window (search for Terminal in spotlight) and then type lua at the commandline.