1. Hello there!

    I just started with the second edition of the book and tried to run the Hey There add-on. The add-on is enabled (though I get a "out of date" message next to the name). In the game, I type /hey and get a message encouraging me to type /help. Nothing else :S

    This is the code:

     SLASH_HEYTHERE1 = "/hey"
     SLASH_HEYTHERE2 = "/heythere"
     SlashCmdList["HEYTHERE"] = function(self, txt)
         if UnitExists("target") then
             SendChatMessage("Hello " .. UnitName("target"), "SAY")
             SendChatMessage("Hey there everybody!")

    EDIT: I just saw the option when enabling the add-ons to load out of date ones. My bad!

    So did you get it working? You can download all of the addons from the individual chapter pages ,i.e. http://wowprogramming.com/chapters/second-edition/01

    Yes, it worked. Thank you!