1. Hi all.

    I can't get SquareUnitFrames to work. I typed in the code from the book by hand and when I ran WoW with it (note: I deactivated all other 3rd-party add-ons while I was testing it) it just created an immovable square in the center of my screen. If I click on the square I target myself, but it doesn't do anything else. If I party up with others, more immovable squares show up, but they don't display any information.

    So I figured well it's a lot of code maybe I screwed something up somewhere. So I downloaded the add-on from this website and am still having the identical problem.


    Click and drag the square from one place to another. I don't have access to WoW at the moment, but the code for that should absolutely all work, and that is how it is designed to be moved.