1. So I'm looking into buying this book. It looks really good. but I have a question. First off I've done programming in Java and VB as well as very little C. Don't know anything about LUA.

    Is the book still good to date? We're now in cata and it seems it was released toward the beginning of WotLK. Can I still make addons using this book? Is it hard to update addons to a newer patch?

    All of the chapters in Part I are still fully accurate, along with all of those in Part II. There will be some minor differences in Part III, and any changes to the API in Part IV. I'd estimate about 96% of the book is still fully up-to-date, and the updates on this websites should help you with any other issues (plus I'm here to help). As for learning Lua and how to write addons for WoW, I don't think you can find a better resource, but I'm obviously biased =)