1. Just had this pointed out to me, that on WoW patch 4.x the correct syntax is

    numTotalGuildMembers,numOnlineGuildMembers = GetNumGuildMembers()


    • numTotalGuildMembers - integer or 0 if not in a guild
    • numOnlineGuildMembers - integer or 0 if not in a guild

    The method on your Reference section is valid for China, as they are still on patch 3.x

    This update is on Wowpedia.org (direct link to API)

    Regards, Myrroddin of Llane (via Ketho on the wowace forums)

    I'll make this change, but its probably easier for you to just make the change yourself in the future. All of the API pages are editable!

    Actually, I'm a bit confused. The API page is already updated on this site.. It's true that I can't maintain two concurrent versions of the online reference, so it is only accurate for 4.x clients.

    I'm not sure what you're trying to say, so I'd appreciate if you could clarify.

    Well, to get the number of guild members before, it was numGuildMembers = GetNumGuildMembers(true) -- get both on and offline members But I don't recall the full API returns before, since that bit was all I needed. Looks like someone already edited your page.

    Yep, it's been updated for a while. You can view the history to look at the older versions, if necessary.