1. Hi there,

    I think I have noticed a small error in the Second Edition book, Chapter 14, Page 276.

    In the "CombatTracker_OnEvent" function...

    When setting the total_time variable the line states the following -

    total_time = math.mind(end_time - start_time, 1)

    I believe it's supposed to read -

    total_time = math.min(end_time - start_time, 1)

    I apologize if I am reprinting this error but I was unable to find any reference to it on the site by searching. :-)

    Absolutely correct, I've added this to the known Errata List. Thank you!

    Hi guys!

    Should not be here math.max(something, 1) rather then math.min(something, 1) to avoid possible resulting 0? Sorry if I'm wrong.

    Regards LH

    Absolutely correct, updated.