1. Hi,

    since Cataclysm is about to come out, I am wondering if you are planning to publish a third edition of "World of Warcraft Programming" soon. Please do let me know as soon as possible.

    I believe the many changes, that have been made since the second edition has been published, would make a third edition worthwhile.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge of WoW LUA with the addon authors community.

    Greetings from Germany,

    Freydis88 :)

    No, there are no plans at this time. The API online will be updated, as expected, and the API changes between the second edition and third edition are minimal, mostly limited to a small change in the secure group header chapter. That change will be posted as errata, as per usual.

    Thank you very much for your fast reply :D

    Any plans on Mists of Pandaria?

    No, and absolutely nothing would even be considered until my thesis is fully submitted in October.