1. So that my first post doesn't come off as a complaint, I love your book. I started reading another that was supposed to be "simpler" but yours is so easy to follow and the flow is very logical and almost like taking a class (which is great for me!)

    That being said I noticed a mistake on your website today in the correction for Chapter 13 page 248 of the book. The website errata states:

    "...both instances of BagBuddy.itemTimes should be replaced with BadBuddy_ItemTimes."

    There's a spelling error in the correction -- should be Bag not Bad.


    P.S. I hope I'm not repeating something previously reported. I find the website very hard to search.

    Thank you for the report, I have fixed that page. As for searching, the only search engine I have enabled is Google, but it seems to work fine for anything I've needed to find. I'm sorry its not more friendly, however!

    No worries on the search. I am quite confident its a PEBKAC error.