1. I am new to programming so i need all the help I can get. I am writting the addon in the book called CombatTracker. Nothing shows on the screen when I log on. All I have written so far is the first portion of the xml. Whenn opening the xlm document with a web browser i get an error that reads "required whitespace is missing" can Anyone tell me what this means. Thanks in advance.

    That error messages doesn't scream anything out to me. When don't you copy the contents of the file and paste it somewhere like http://pastebin.mozilla.org and then post the link here so I can look at it. Make sure you set it to expire longer than a day, just in case I don't get back to it immediately. Alternatively, you can go to the 'Chapters' section of the website and download the code from that chapter.

    I got it working, it was a missing space in the first line of the xml.