1. Well, I've been working on CombatTracker lately, and it doesn't work. I've done everything I could come up with, including checking again and again, but it doesn't work.

    So I decided to check the online version, but there isn't one for the 2nd edition of the book. In fact, there is no downloadable version from chapter 13 onwards for that edition at all.

    Here's my code:

    http://pastey.net/137433 for the LUA,

    http://pastey.net/137434 for the XML

    I won't bore you with excuses (although I have good ones), but I'm sorry that that portion of the website isn't 100% complete yet. The file is available at http://wowprogramming.com/downloads/2ed/14-CombatTracker.zip.

    That all being said, you need to give me more information when reporting an issue. Saying it 'just doesn't work' doesn't tell me anything. Does it show up in your addon selection screen? Does the frame appear on screen? Do you have Lua errors enabled? Are any errors displayed?

    Please describe your issue.