1. I figured it out

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    First off I use a mac and have been using the TextEdit program to write the addon with. I'm trying to do the first example in the book (HeyThere) and I'm having issues with it being recognized. I checked it to the online one and it's exact, word for word, space for space. It shows up in my addons, the addon window says it's incompatible. I took the one I downloaded off the site and it worked perfect. I looked at some differences there may be. I noticed that the one I wrote, in my addon window, was titled HeyThere!/. The slash being the the difference between the two. The slash also showed up at the end of my description. I then took the one I downloaded off the site and copy and pasted them into the ones I wrote and resaved them. Got the info in finder and changed their extensions from .toc.rtf and .lua.rtf to .toc and .lua, since it saves them as rtf every time and it didn't work. So I'm assuming my issue is with saving the files. Any ideas on what I can do?

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