1. I was wondering why I was seeing one of my bags show up in the list of items and I found that the inner loop needs to start at 1, not 0:

    for slot = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(bag) do

    Now I'm just wondering why it considers some White items to be Poor quality ...

    Thanks for the heads up. The quality issue (I believe) is mentioned in the chapter, because the 'item quality' APIs are completely consistent with returns for common and poor quality items. If you find a better rationale, let me know =)

    Apparently it's not just white items showing up when the "Poor" button is selected, I get items of all qualities mixed in there - though not all existing items, the count changes when I select the "Common" quality. And some items with colored titles don't get the aura around them. I've DLed the 12-BagBuddy.zip and tried that (BTW, the title when that frame displays is "BagBuggy" 8^) which is actually what the text has you type in) and the results are the same, so it doesn't appear to be a typing error on my part, though I'm not discounting that possibility. My gut says it has something to do with the "shown" variable but I can't prove it ... Do parentheses affect parsing of boolean expressions in Lua? I might try throwing some of those in and see what happens. Overall an extremely instructive pair of books, thanks for them 8^).

    Sounds like you're getting an error.. do you have Lua errors enabled?

    Yes, Lua errors are turned on - but the issue seems to be with the quality value returned by GetContainerItemInfo. I modified the loop as follows and seem to be getting the behavior I expect (hope the formatting doesn't get too scrambled):

     for bag = 0, NUM_BAG_SLOTS do
       for slot = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(bag) do
         local texture, count, locked, _, readable, lootable, link = GetContainerItemInfo(bag, slot)
         if texture then
           local itemNum = tonumber(link:match("|Hitem:(%d+):"))
           local name,_,quality = GetItemInfo(itemNum)  
           local shown = true
           if BagBuddy.qualityFilter then
        shown = shown and BagBuddy.filters[quality]:GetChecked()
           if shown then
        if not items[itemNum] then
              items[itemNum] = { texture = texture, count = count, quality = quality, name = name,  link = link, }
          items[itemNum].count = items[itemNum].count + count

    Haven't tried it on all my toons yet 8^) but first tests show everything getting the right halo and showing up when the proper button is pushed.