1. On page 248 in the Writing a New Sorting Function the array of item times should be BagBuddy_ItemTimes, not BagBuddy.itemTimes

    Thanks for the report, I'll try to get that added to the website.

    Also, there's an issue using itemTimeNameSort if there's only one item that matched the filter. This is how I allowed for it and it seems to work:

        if #sortTbl > 1 then

    This goes right after the table.insert loop.

    I also ran into an issue with the time value being null for one of the items, so I had to add a conditional within itemTimeNameSort, right after setting aTime and bTime:

       if aTime and bTime then
         -- the existing if/else statement

    Probably not the most elegant fixes 8^) but they seem to work.