1. Alright...I am kind of confused. Maybe I am doing this wrong...but anyways. The addon HeyThere does not seem to work correctly. Whenever I target someone and type /Hey or /Heythere, it works correctly with the output of Hello Mobname, but whenever I have nothing targeted and have /Hey or /Heythere in the textbox, it does not seem to let me press my enter button. I press it and the text remains in the textbox and nothing happens. I tried downloading and using the sample code from the site and it still seemed to do the same thing. Is anyone else having the same problem, or am I just doing something wrong?

    Open the UI Options, then go to the Help category. Finally, ensure that 'Display Lua Errors' is selected. There's an error that is causing the 'stuck' chat box that you describe.

    I've also just confirmed that the code in the book and on this site works properly.

    ^^ Thanks for the fast response! I turned on the Display Lua Errors and sure enough I found out that GEM3, Guild Event Manager, was the culprit! I'll make sure I turn off my addons or follow the books advice about testing on a alt! Thanks again and sorry for my ignorance!