1. Although I had no problems groking the text of the "Example Schema Definition" section on pg 103 but I think it has a couple small errors.

    First off, it looks like the first line of the XML got split after "xs:schema". Based on the text below the XML, I think the first two XML lines should be put together lest those new to XML get confused.

    Next up, the XML only defines 3 elements: name, phone and address. However the text below says "namely a sequence of FOUR different named elements" (emphasis mine). I suspect that name should have been firstname and lastname to match the XML snippet on p 100 OR the XML got simplified but the text did not get updated to refer to "three different named elements"

    Lastly, the XML fragment on p 100 has an intermediate "entry" element that is not defined in the example schema. Given that the other example XML fragments also lacks an entry element, I think the example on p 100 may just need to be tweaked to have no entry element.