1. While checking out the Table 6-7 on page 92 I see an apparent error:

    %a a


    %a no string matched

    The %a is duplicated on line 4 and incorrectly says the matched string is "no string matched". Since the test string is "abc ABC 123 !@# \n \000 %" the first one is the correct answer. I did not quite noodle out what that second one was really meant to be searching for before deciding to point it out.

    I also think that there is a typo in line 5:

    %a-%s Abc

    should be

    %a-%s abc

    (lower case a) or perhaps:

    %a-%s c

    since the '-' means "shorted possible sequence". To get "abc" I would think (but have not tested) that the pattern should be:

    %a*%s abc

    to get all the characters followed by a space.

    I also question the line:

    %a? A

    I think it should be either:

    %a? a


    %u? A