Sets basic properties of a font used in the frame


isValid = SimpleHTML:SetFont(["element",] "filename", fontHeight, "flags")


  • element - Name of an HTML element for which to set font properties (e.g. p, h1); if omitted, sets properties for the frame's default font (string)
  • filename - Path to a font file (string)
  • fontHeight - Height (point size) of the font to be displayed (in pixels) (number)
  • flags - Additional properties for the font specified by one or more (separated by commas) of the following tokens: (string)
    • MONOCHROME - Font is rendered without antialiasing
    • OUTLINE - Font is displayed with a black outline
    • THICKOUTLINE - Font is displayed with a thick black outline


  • isValid - 1 if filename refers to a valid font file; otherwise nil (1nil)