Return information about a previously added chat message.


text, accessID, lineID, extraData = ScrollingMessageFrame:GetMessageInfo(index [, accessID])


  • index - Index of the message (between 1 and :GetNumMessages(accessID)) for which information should be retrieved. Out of range values will non-silently fail (number)
  • accessID - If specified, only messages for this accessID are included in the index count. (number, accessID)


  • text - The line's displayed text (string)
  • accessID - accessID for the message. For chat frames, can be passed to ChatHistory_GetChatType(accessID) to determine the message's chat type. (number, accessID)
  • lineID - arg5 to :AddMessage(). For default chat frames, is always zero as of 4.3.4 live. Instead, the lineID is embedded into the message text's player link. (number)
  • extraData - arg8 to :AddMessage(). Unknown use in the chat frames. (number)