Fills the tooltip with information about a debuff on a unit. This method is an alias for :SetUnitAura() with a built-in HARMFUL filter (which cannot be removed or negated with the HELPFUL filter).


GameTooltip:SetUnitDebuff("unit", index [, "filter"])


  • unit - A unit to query (string, unitID)
  • index - Index of a buff or debuff on the unit (number)
  • filter - A list of filters to use when resolving the index, separated by the pipe '|' character; e.g. "CANCELABLE|PLAYER" will query cancelable debuffs cast by the player (string)
    • CANCELABLE - Show auras that can be cancelled
    • NOT_CANCELABLE - Show auras that cannot be cancelled
    • PLAYER - Show auras the player has cast
    • RAID - Show auras the player can cast on party/raid members (as opposed to self buffs)