Fills the tooltip with information about an equipped item


hasItem, hasCooldown, repairCost = GameTooltip:SetInventoryItem("unit", slot [, nameOnly])


  • unit - A unit to query; only valid for 'player' or the unit currently being inspected (string, unitID)
  • slot - An inventory slot number, as can be obtained from GetInventorySlotInfo (number, inventoryID)
  • nameOnly - True to omit much of the item's information (stat bonuses, sockets, and binding) from the tooltip; false to show all of the item's information (boolean)


  • hasItem - 1 if the unit has an item in the given slot; otherwise nil (number, 1nil)
  • hasCooldown - 1 if the item is currently on cooldown; otherwise nil (number, 1nil)
  • repairCost - Cost to repair the item (in copper, ignoring faction discounts) (number)