Fills the tooltip with information about the item currently being set up for auction. Return values 2 and higher are only available if the item to be auctioned is actually a battle pet. For regular items, use GameTooltip:GetItem()

See also Auction functions.


hasCooldown, speciesID, level, breedQuality, health, power, speed, petName = GameTooltip:SetAuctionSellItem()


  • hasCooldown - nil (1nil)
  • speciesID - SpeciesID to identify a battle pet's species (number)
  • level - The level of this battle pet (number)
  • breedQuality - Quality (rarity) level of the battle pet (number, itemQuality)
  • health - Maximum health of this battle pet (number)
  • power - Attack power of this battle pet (number)
  • speed - Attack speed of this battle pet (number)
  • petName - The name of this battle pet. (string)



-- for battle pets, returns something like this:
-- nil, 65, 1, 2, 156, 9, 10, "Toad"