GameTooltips are used to display explanatory information relevant to a particular element of the game world. They offer almost innumerable methods for setting the specific object, creature or ability the tooltip should describe, and a smaller number of methods for querying what it is that the tooltip is currently describing.

GameTooltips are sufficiently complicated that an entire chapter is dedicated to describing them. In addition to methods for setting their contents, they also support options controlling their positioning and visibility on screen, as well as methods to facilitate adding more text to them (for instance, an addon that displays, in the tooltip for a soul shard created by a warlock, the name of the player or monster from which the shard was collected).

While most of the heavy lifting is done by the frame called simply GameTooltip, there is also one called ItemRefTooltip that does the work of displaying information about items linked in chat when they are clicked.

Defined Methods

Inherited Methods

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