Creates a new Texture as a child of the frame. The sublevel argument can be used to provide layering of textures within a draw layer. As it can be difficult to compute the proper layering, addon authors should avoid using this option, and it's XML equivalent textureSubLevel without reason. It should also be noted that FontStrings will always appear on top of all textures in a given draw layer.


texture = Frame:CreateTexture(["name" [, "layer" [, "inherits" [, sublevel]]]])


  • name - Global name for the new texture (string)
  • layer - Graphic layer on which to create the texture; defaults to ARTWORK if not specified (string, layer)
  • inherits - Name of a template from which the new texture should inherit (string)
  • sublevel - The sub-level on the given graphics layer ranging from -8- to 7. The default value of this argument is 0 (number)


  • texture - Reference to the new Texture object (texture)