Returns whether the edit box is in Input Method Editor composition mode. Character composition mode is used for input methods in which multiple keypresses generate one printed character. In such input methods, the edit box's OnChar script is run for each keypress -- if the OnChar script should act only when a complete character is entered in the edit box, :IsInIMECompositionMode() can be used to test for such cases.

This mode is common in clients for languages using non-Roman characters (such as Chinese or Korean), but can still occur in client languages using Roman scripts (e.g. English) -- such as when typing accented characters on the Mac client (e.g. typing "option-u" then "e" to insert the character "ë").


enabled = EditBox:IsInIMECompositionMode()


  • enabled - 1 if the edit box is in IME character composition mode; otherwise nil (1nil)