Sets the texture used when the button is highlighted. Unlike the other button textures for which only one is visible at a time, the button's highlight texture is drawn on top of its existing (normal or pushed) texture; thus, this method also allows specification of the texture's blend mode.


Button:SetHighlightTexture(texture [, "mode"]) or Button:SetHighlightTexture("filename" [, "mode"])


  • texture - Reference to an existing Texture object (texture)
  • filename - Path to a texture image file (string)
  • mode - Blend mode for the texture; defaults to ADD if omitted (string)
    • ADD - Adds texture color values to the underlying color values, using the alpha channel; light areas in the texture lighten the background while dark areas are more transparent
    • ALPHAKEY - One-bit transparency; pixels with alpha values greater than ~0.8 are treated as fully opaque and all other pixels are treated as fully transparent
    • BLEND - Normal color blending, using any alpha channel in the texture image
    • DISABLE - Ignores any alpha channel, displaying the texture as fully opaque
    • MOD - Ignores any alpha channel in the texture and multiplies texture color values by background color values; dark areas in the texture darken the background while light areas are more transparent