Animations are used to change presentations or other characteristics of a frame or other region over time. The Animation object will take over the work of calling code over time, or when it is done, and tracks how close the animation is to completion.

The Animation type doesn't create any visual effects by itself, but it does provide an OnUpdate handler that you can use to support specialized time-sensitive behaviors that aren't provided by the transformations descended from Animations. In addition to tracking the passage of time through an elapsed argument, you can query the animation's progress as a 0-1 fraction to determine how you should set your behavior.

You can also change how the elapsed time corresponds to the progress by changing the smoothing, which creates acceleration or deceleration, or by adding a delay to the beginning or end of the animation.

You can also use an Animation as a timer, by setting the Animation's OnFinished script to trigger a callback and setting the duration to the desired time.

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