Group Headers

Attributes Values Description
template string The name of an XML template to use when creating new frames.
templateType string The frame type of the XML template being used (Button, StatusBar, etc.).
point string A valid XML anchor point. This point will be used to anchor a new frame to an existing frame. The code will intelligently use the opposing anchor points, so if you specify TOP, it will anchor the TOP point of the new frame to the BOTTOM point of the previous frame.
xOffset number An x offset (in pixels) to be used when anchoring new frames.
yOffset number A y offset (in pixels) to be used when anchoring new frames.
maxColumns number The maximum number of columns that the header will create. Default is 1.
unitsPerColumn number The maximum number of units that will be displayed in a single column. When this value is nil, there is no limit.
startingIndex number The index in the final sorted list at which to start displaying units. Default is 1.
columnSpacing number The amount of space (in pixels) between the columns. Default is 0.
columnAnchorPoint string The anchor point for each new column. A value of LEFT will cause the columns to grow to the right.
initial-anchor string The initial anchor point for new unit frames. This can be used to place the frame in a different starting location (such as growing from the bottom up instead of top down). This value should be a comma-separated list containing anchor point, relative anchor point, x offset and y offset.
initial-width number The initial width of the unit frames in pixels.
initial-height number The initial height of the unit frame in pixels.
initial-scale number The initial scale of the unit frame.
showRaid Boolean When true, the group header is shown when the player is in a raid.
showParty Boolean When true, the group header is shown when the player is in a party. This attribute doesn’t imply showRaid but can work alongside it.
showPlayer Boolean When true, the header includes the player when not in a raid (normally, the player would not be visible in a party listing).
showSolo Boolean When true, the header is shown when the player is not in any group. This option implies showPlayer.
nameList string A comma-separated list of player names to be included in the listing. This option is not used if groupFilter is specified.
groupFilter filter[,filter]...

Selects group members based on specific filters. Each filter can be one of:

  • Raid group number
  • English class name
  • Raid role (MAINTANK or MAINASSIST)

Unless strictFiltering is set, a unit only needs to match one of the filters in the list to be included.

strictFiltering Boolean If true, a unit must pass all filters to be included.
Grouping and Sorting
groupBy GROUP


Groups the unit frames by the specified category
groupingOrder groupNum[,groupNum]...


Specifies the order in which the groups appear. The values you use here should match the groupBy type.
sortMethod NAME

Determines how the members are sorted within a group, either by character name or by raid index.
sortDir ASC

Sets the sort direction for members within a group. Default is ASC.
useOwnerUnit Boolean When true, the unit attribute on the created frames corresponds to the owner’s unit instead of the pet’s unit.
filterOnPet Boolean When true, the pets’ names are used when sorting and filtering.