Fires when a request to cast a spell (on behalf of the player or a unit controlled by the player) is sent to the server


("unitID", "spell", "rank", "target", lineID)


  • unitID - The unit that's casting. (string)
  • spell - The name of the spell that's being casted. (string)
  • rank - The rank of the spell that's being casted. (string)
  • target - The name of the target of your spell. (string)
  • lineID - Spell lineID counter. The Nth spell that UNIT_SPELLCAST events have fired for. Unique to each spell cast - UNIT_SPELLCAST_START and UNIT_SPELLCAST_SUCCESS events referring to the same cast will have the same lineID. Resets to 0 when the count reaches 255, but this number may just always be 0 for some spells. (number)