Fires when a unit's spell cast fails and no error message should be displayed. The default UI displays an error message when UNIT_SPELLCAST_FAILED fires; in some situations (e.g. if the player attempts to cast while mind controlled), this event is used instead, preventing an error message from being displayed while still notifying interested scripts of the failure.


("unitID", "spell", "rank", lineID, spellID)


  • unitID - The unit that's casting. (string)
  • spell - The name of the spell that's being casted. (string)
  • rank - The rank of the spell that's being casted. (string)
  • lineID - Spell lineID counter. The Nth spell that UNIT_SPELLCAST events have fired for. Unique to each spell cast - UNIT_SPELLCAST_START and UNIT_SPELLCAST_SUCCESS events referring to the same cast will have the same lineID. Resets to 0 when the count reaches 255, but this number may just always be 0 for some spells. (number)
  • spellID - The id of the spell that's being casted. (number, spellID)