Fires when you join a conversation channel (private channel for you and your friends) on Battle.Net


("message/status", "sender", "unknown", "channelString", "unknown", "unknown", unknown, channelNumber, "unknown", unknown, counter, "unknown", presenceID, unknown)


  • message/status - The message thats received or a statuscode like YOU_ JOINED_ CONVERSATION, YOU_ LEFT_ CONVERSATION, MEMBER_ LEFT. (string)
  • sender - The sender's RealID name. (i.e 'John Doe') or sometimes your own wow characters name. (looks like it will use the wow-character name when you are chatting, but will contain realid when other clients send messages) (string)
  • unknown - unknown (string)
  • channelString - The full name of the channel, including number. (string)
  • unknown - unknown (string)
  • unknown - unknown (string)
  • unknown - unknown (number)
  • channelNumber - The numeric ID of the channel. (The UI adds +10 to the number) (number)
  • unknown - unknown (string)
  • unknown - This variable has an unkown purpose although it always seems to be 0. (number)
  • counter - This variable appears to be sequential number that the client recieves. (number)
  • unknown - unknown (string)
  • presenceID - presenceID of the channel owner (number, presenceID)
  • unknown - this seems to always be false (boolean)