API Flags

blizzarduiThis function is not a C API but a Lua function declared in Blizzard's default user interface. Its implementation can be viewed by extracting the addon data using the Addon Kit provided by Blizzard.
confirmationThis function does not prompt the user for confirmation before its results take effect -- that behavior is provided by the default UI, and this function is called from the confirmation dialog
deprecatedThis function is deprecated and is no longer in use
framexmlThis function is defined by the default user interface in Lua. You can find the definition by examining the FrameXML code for the default UI,
hardwareThis function requires a key or mouse press in order to be used, but may not be protected.
internalThis function does nothing in the standard game client and is used by Blizzard for internal purposes
luaapiThis function is defined in the Lua standard libraries
maconlyThis function is designed for the Mac OS X client only
nocombatThis function cannot be called during combat
protectedThis function is protected and can only be called by the Blizzard user interface
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serverThis function must query the remote server, and any results will not be immediately available to the game client. Please see the function's documentation for more information about how to retrieve any results.