Returns information about seats in a vehicle. Note: multi-passenger mounts appear as vehicles for passengers but not for the owner; seat information applies only to the passenger seats.

See also Vehicle functions.


controlType, occupantName, occupantRealm, canEject, canSwitchSeats = UnitVehicleSeatInfo("unit", seat)


  • unit - A unit to query (string, unitID)
  • seat - Index of a seat in the unit's vehicle (number)


  • controlType - Type of control for the seat (string)

    • Child - Unit in this seat controls part of the vehicle but not its movement (e.g. a gun turret)
    • None - Unit in this seat has no control over the vehicle
    • Root - Unit in this seat controls the movement of the vehicle

  • occupantName - Name of the unit in the seat, or nil if the seat is empty (string)

  • occupantRealm - Home realm of the unit in the seat; nil if the seat is empty or its occupant is from the same realm as the player (string)

  • canEject - True if the vehicle's driver can eject the occupant of the seat (boolean)

  • canSwitchSeats - True if the player can switch to this seat. (boolean)