Returns information about the player's or pet's ranged attack damage and speed

See also Stat information functions.


rangedAttackSpeed, minDamage, maxDamage, physicalBonusPos, physicalBonusNeg, percent = UnitRangedDamage("unit")


  • unit - A unit to query; only valid for player or pet (string, unitID)


  • rangedAttackSpeed - Current speed of the unit's ranged attack (attacks per second), or 0 if no ranged weapon is equipped (number)
  • minDamage - The minimum base damage per attack (number)
  • maxDamage - The maximum base damage per attack (number)
  • physicalBonusPos - Positive modifiers to ranged weapon damage (number)
  • physicalBonusNeg - Negative modifiers to ranged weapon damage (number)
  • percent - Factor by which damage output is multiplied due to buffs/debuffs (number)